Yes, we require membership for our services.

All membership will include a Welcome Letter, a Certified BDSM Certificate of Registration, International BDSM Registration Number and an International BDSM Profile. Other membership level will include other perks such as a private BDSM Phone Number and FTP Storage and access to Events local and abroad! Your membership will further detail some of these features. Click here for more information on our membership packages.

In applying for a certificate we need the following information:

  • Vetted recommendation from a member or affiliate of the website
  • Your full legal name for your certificate along with your mailing address for mailing certificate
  • Your phone number (You must provide a cellular phone number in order to use your Private BDSM Phone Number. This cannot be a Google Voice or other internet-based phone number).
(More to be elaborated on)

Yes, you can (may have to have a background check) but for faster processing to membership it is best to be vetted in with a sponsor.

Yes, if you wish to cancel your membership you are able to at any time. Please note there is no refund.  However if you want to return you will need to re-register that includes registration fees.

An International BDSM Registration Number is revolutionary way of approaching the Fetish Community. As the interest in Fetish and its community grows, so does the need for the safety of everyone involved. The International BDSM Number is a way of doing just that, as is links your information here (ie. Interests, Hard/Soft Limits, Security Information upon membership) to create an atmosphere of safety in even the most intimate of situations whilst still allowing you to keep your anonymity. In large events, you may find it easier to ask someone eventually “Are you Registered?” as we believe in the security of knowing who you play with is safe.

Private information will be provided for registration purposes only. As for public information is what you provide for your bio.

Yes, but inactivity can only last for 1 year before you are removed and membership is cancelled.

In the Membership Agreement contract it states that you understand that this is a Private Membership that anonymity is our number one priority and that it must be respected and adhered to.

Spank Bank

The payment methods acceptable for Sign-Up are as follows:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal

We as a Fetish Site utilize the vetting method similar to large functions in the Fetish Community. We make sure our applicants are either stamped with approval from another members or site affiliates to make sure the quality of our members and the information are kept to a high standard. (Elaborate a bit more)

Included in our Fetish site that is not included in other free sites are our focuses on security for our members, vetted events, and the sharing of quality information. Over the years in the Fetish Community the people here have noticed a decrease in the quality of information sharing, members, and general knowledge available to the upcoming, experienced or advanced Fetishist. As a result we have banded together to create a community where vetted, quality information is shared with ease. (Want to add something about the private phone/e-mails)

By giving the option of a private phone/e-mail you have the option of screening who you accept/give out your info for others to use. (Needs to be sexy up)

At the bottom of the bio page is a massage bar, which will go directly to that members e-mail address.

To make a BDSM Certificate authentic we use several measures. We first make sure to use your full legal name on our documents, and also notarize them, emboss them, as well as provide an authentic wax BDSM seal for each.

BDSM Email

The main difference between a Title and a Role is that a Title will define you as a Fetishist in any scenario (I.e. Master or Mistress). A Role is an identifier that will indicate your area of participation in the moment of play or specific Fetish related interaction (I.e. Daddy or Toy). To go a bit farther, you might say Titles are more rigid, where as a Role can be adapted to fit your situation.

You are able to change your Title and Role easily via. Your International BDSM bio page. However if you wish to have a Certificate reprinted with any of these changes you will be subject to a $25.00 reprinting fee.

BDSM Phone Number

Yes, these items are mailed to you either at your home, or another address you have specified when you register.

Yes, you may have your items sent to another address as long as it is specified at the time of registration.

Yes, the packing for these items are very discreet and will be marked with nondescript labeling for your security.

This is Part of the Vetting process and to make the documents legal, but as far as your Bio Page we have your initials plus registration number you can add another name when you fill out your Bio form.

We setup a secondary phone number which is then linked to your primary phone number. Your primary is kept 100% secure and anonymous and is only utilized for the initial setup process. Calls to the BDSM Phone Number will show up as its own number after this, and both numbers are kept as separate entities.

You are able to block people from calling your BSDM Phone Number at any time conveniently through our Smartphone app, (INCLUDE NAME OF APP HERE). Check your app store for availability for your device :)

Support Tickets

No. Only the users you give your BDSM Phone Number to will be able to contact you on it.

Yes, it is yours to use at your own risk, please use responsibly.

Yes, it is yours to use at your own risk, please use responsibly.

Yes, this BDSM Email is private and auto-generated only after you have registered and completed sign-up with our website. Due to this, all the email addresses and information there in is secure.

Username: Your full International BDSM email address (
Password: Your assigned or chosen password
Incoming server (IMAP/POP3):
Outgoing server (SMTP):

No. We adhear to private and secure member information at all times.

No. The BDSM email address is auto-generated after your sign-up and membership approval.

No, only you will have access to your FTP Storage. You may download items at any time, but they are solely your items and yours alone unless shared at your own discretion.

Yes, the FTP Storage is a private virtual storage area for you and your material. No one other than you has access to add, delete or make changes to your material.

Yes, this FTP Storage does support video uploads.



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